Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Event Planning is a stressful time! Most people are comfortable putting together small events, such as kids birthday parties, backyard BBQ’s, and such. However, creating a major event- weddings, corporate events, fundraisers. etc- can become quite a production.  Events on this scale, such as weddings, even if it’s just a small 20 person, backyard style low key gig, still requires multiple people and dedicated time commitment to make it successful. We’ve racked our brain for the top 10 tips when it comes to planning a successful wedding (but feel free to apply them to any large scale event)…

  1. First thing first- Hire a Coordinator- Any and every vendor in the wedding industry should, and most likely, will recommend a wedding planner  or coordinator. If you want the ultimate ease, choose a planner that is with you from start to finish, helping make decisions from colors to use