Coordinator Services

VIBE offers Event Planner, Event Coordinator, and Day of Coordinator Services for any type of event/party. Please contact us if you are a non-profit organization or charity that is requesting coordinator services, as our pricing is different and services are offen donated for these types of events.

Event Coordinator… $1000.00
The ultimate goal of our event coordinator package is to not only help you create a seamless event with minimal stress , but to ensure that the day of the event is as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. An event coordinator helps ensure that your event goes smoothly, as planned and according to schedule and eliminates run around and exhaustion for client & family.

  • Unlimited contact with coordinator via emails, calls, texts, or scheduled in person visits/meetings
  • Assist with vendor suggestions and options, hiring, bookings and contracts during planning stages
  • Assist with overall event planning, including developing theme, color scheme, locating venues & vendors, and scheduling rentals/deliveries & pickups
  • Coordinator acts as event host & point of contact concerning event details, vendor questions, guest relations, etc. for clients, guests, and vendors during date of event to eliminate stress on family and guests
  • Assistance creating a detailed timeline that fits to desired event structure and considers other vendor hours
  • Vendor security and check in during day of event
  •  Onsite direction & assistance during event; handling any situation that arises and working with client or family to resolve it to the best of our ability. Our goal is to prevent any issue or hiccup from coming to the attention of the guests or client.. i.e.- putting out flames before a fire starts….
  • Full time Coordinator will be present during day of event for as long as needed prior to event and for 1 hour after scheduled event end time.
  • Keep event on schedule according to acquired timeline
  • Assist with setup, break down, decorating, and act as host for the event to greet guests, family, vendors, event managers, etc.

Day Of Coordinator….

Reception Only.. $750
Reception & Ceremony- $950

Day of Coordinator is the ideal option for those who  have a handle on the event and its details, but need someone to be present during the event or is required to have a

  • Day of Coordinator will be on site 1 hour prior to event start time and until 1 hour after scheduled event end time
  • Act as liason/point of contact for all other vendors to ensure vendor security, proper arrival, setup, and clean up
  • Assure venue & decor is unlocked, setup, cleaned up, and returned with client
  • Handle any issues that arise during event and will work to fix them in hand with client/family to the best of our ability.
  • Two weeks prior to event date, coordinator will contact client to develop a timeline. We ask that client keep the coordinator up to date and maintain an open stream of communication to keep coordinator in the loop during planning phases.
  • Ensure event is decorated according to specifications/ as previously requested
  • Unlimited contact with coordinator via texts, emails, calls, or scheduled visits upon contract completion

Additional Services Offered:

Master of Ceremony (MC)… $75/hr
Professional Event Host… $50/hr- a Professional Event host ensures that your event is warm, welcoming, & enjoyable for your guests. Our job is to help put everyone at ease by eliciting conversation among guests, ushering & greeting, formal welcomes and check ins, creating introductions and meet and greet opportunities

Contact us today to discuss event details and let us help you discover where VIBE can help make your event dreams a reality!